VK108 Nişantaşı

Istanbul, Turkey

VK108 Nişantaşı

VK108, located in Nişantaşı Valikonağı street of Istanbul, is a Bilgili Holding project. The cooperation with Bilgili Holding for many years has continued in this project as well, and in the VK108 project, the smart home technologies brand has the signature of INTERRA.

From the first stages of the project, automation has been designed according to the discoveries and studies we have prepared. Along with the technical support we provided for the sample flat and sales office during the project process, it played an active role in the project agreement process. As a result of the works carried out with Tanju Özelgin Mimarlık, which we have worked with in many projects before, an agreement was reached with Interra products.

• Lighting automation on / off + dali dimmer

• Curtain - shutter automation

• Floor heating automation

• Air conditioning integration (graded)

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