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Check the cable connection. Set the IP address of your computer and the IP address of Interra in the same block. Check the IP conflict.

Check Sip settings. Install the correct SIP application. If the device is interra 2 model, make sure that there is internet on the network line.

Make sure the IP phone is networked. If the IP phone is on the network, make sure that DND (discomfort mode) is off.

Make sure the contact table is prepared correctly. Install the correct SIP application.

Check the cable connection. Set the IP address of your computer and the IP address of Interra in the same block. Check the IP conflict.

Make sure that the sound settings are at a moderate level during the call.

Make sure that the recorder or camera supports rtsp. Make sure that 554 port forwarding is correct. Make sure that the contacts are made correctly.

When you migrate, pay attention not to be disconnected, if necessary, do migration again.

The settings are reset to the factory by default. The username of the user you entered in the Vto no field in Lan config is written. Sip settings are accessed from network settings, where sip server ip address and password are written. VDP field is deleted and the save button is clicked.

Be sure to update the firmware with the correct file.

DTMF mode of the user for who opened the SIP Server is changed as Info. In the Contact Door screen, # is added to the end of the password to create open the door button.

EIO Comfort Box / IP RoomBox module is set to output on-off, then the expected value is set from the control group, the active and deactive section is selected and the download module button is pressed.

Make sure the correct files are loaded.

Activate after the intercom has made the default all.

By entering the intercom interface, we call the default all from the config manager.

Reduce the resolution of the cameras.

Users in the settings on the touch panel may have been deleted, add users.

Be sure to write the SIP server IP address, user and password information correctly. Make sure the SIP application is installed. If the problem is not resolved, delete the dbc and xml files under the relevant circle in the project files, re-adjust the settings and download.

You can change the Server Port from the Config Settings screen under the General Settings tab.

Choose Upload resource and Send Database options from the Upload menu.

Check the energy poles and make ground connection to your device.

Check the interra status or db status on the bottom line and re-assign the text "not ready".

Check the sound settings on the Android screen.

Make sure that the device can log out of the internet, make sure that the network information is correct.

Send SIP Setting to the Interra touch panel.

Pictures are uploaded to the project from the General Settings screen. Upload Resources is selected from the Project Upload To Panel menu.

Check the ringtone volume in the settings that may be reduced.

Select and save the users you want to call to the ring group menu in the Sip server.

Do not export ports beginning with 1000. Check the firewall on the modem and the ports of wan and lan must be the same. For some modems, a mobile connection cannot be established on external threads. See with your service provider for routing.

Make sure that there are no spaces or special characters in the folder name and path information where Interra applications are available.

The active value in the heat button on the floor heating page should not be empty.

Install the admin panel version 10.10 and install apk and database. The admin panel will be removed automatically.

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